Pay Per Click Advertising for your business

Cost Per Click On-Line Marketing – No Maintenance Charges Option

This section is designed for companies or individuals who do not need ongoing monitoring of their ‘Cost Per Clicksearch terms. The search terms are set at your agreed cost per click price e.g. 15p each – each month you receive a report showing all your online search terms and how many clicks through you received.

• Search Engine Registration Included as Standard

Monthly Invoices for Search Costs

One off set-up fee with no ongoing maintenance charges

• Search Engine Position Report and Competition Report Supplied as standard at set-up 

Monthly Invoices for Search Costs

Free Membership of and a free listing of up to 150 words on &

Search Engines Included:

Overture Package :- Yahoo, Altavista, MSN, Tiscali, AOL, Wanadoo (Freeserve), Lycos and many more…

Google Adwords Package :- Google, Askjeeves, BTopenworld, and many more….

Set-up covers both packages with just the one set up fee of £250+ vat.

Apply now to take your business through to successful web marketing 

What Does Set-up Include?

Stage 1:

Set-up is a one off event which includes analysing your website and cross referencing that information with the monthly search statistics from the top UK search engines. This information will then produce a list of which search terms people are currently using to search for your products or services. We would normally expect to produce a list of at least 90 search terms (Product or service dependent) The majority of our clients have in excess of 200 search terms many of which they would never have thought of. 

Once the list is compiled and we have that list, you will receive a copy to proof and confirm you are happy to proceed. 

Stage 2:

It is important we check your meta title, description & keywords in order to register your site with the free search engines. Even though this has no implications with ‘Cost Per Click‘ marketing Linesave UK Ltd believes it is essential to benefit from free listings in top UK used Search Engines as much as possible and should be a part of any complete on-line marketing campaign.  

To register your site with the free search engines we use      

Stage 3:

On receipt of the full list of search terms, we will ask you if you would like any of them to go directly to product or service specific pages in your web site. Also at this stage we will discuss with you your options with Title & Description listings. Linesave UK also, at this stage, offer the service of ensuring that all listings conform to all Overture & Google content requirements which in turn will prevent them from being removed or temporarily suspended.

Stage 4:

This is where we input all the information you have approved in to the Overture & Google systems (You can choose to either have them listed in both Overture or Google or both depending on your preference).

Stage 5:

Registration of your site to the site approval and recognition service and also we will ask you to supply 150 word write up about your company (not including contact details, this will be added to the members directory and entered to the directory which helps your web ranking with search engines like, and   

Stage 6:

Our next stage is to produce search engine ranking report to show current search engine position for up to twenty search terms. Further reports are available to order at any time in order for you to check on-going improvements in your search positioning.

Stage 7:

This stage many of our existing customers found very interesting, we  produce a search engine competition report covering up to twenty competitors under up to twenty search terms each. You will know exactly where your competitors are on the search engines what position on each page, probable even better than they do!

Once set-up has finished and your listings are live we will notify you of this.