Branding for Sports Companies

Sports Brands

We have helped to rework the brands of a number of sport-based companies. We have observed big companies such as Puma, Nike, Adidas and the like to take note of their trends – what works and doesn’t work and how they appeal to their audiences through differing advertising campaigns.

Sports clothing

Among the clients we have worked with are those who sell trainers. We came up with a great advertising campaign which promoted the quality of the material from which the trainers were built. We’ve also offered our branding services to a company who provided running gear, including lycra tops and shorts as well as wearable accessories such as phone holders.

Personal training courses

We have helped to promote some excellent courses for people who wish to become personal trainers. Our team helped to show how each of these course could be personalised to the student, and how they could easily fit around a nine-to-five job for those people who wanted to make the transition from one profession to another.

Sports food

As our lives become increasingly more sedentary and people become more aware of body image, products such a whey and protein drinks have seen a rise in interest. Many people want to become more muscular and so they take these drinks. Our agency has worked on several campaigns for such products.