Entrepreneur Support Network in Yorkshire

NX is a programme that supports and develops social tech entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions for people to give and engage at local level using networked technology, web mobile and games. Not only do these solutions have a positive impact among local communities, they also have the potential to scale both nationally and globally.

The NX programme provides our talented group of social entrepreneurs with the opportunity to present their ideas to business representatives, investors and philanthropists and be awarded the support they need to take their projects to the next level. The support given will vary according to the particular needs of the entrepreneur, for example financial investment, mentoring, marketing and PR or office space and facilities. The Big Society Network works with a series of partners to implement this programme and provide support to the entrepreneurs and projects involved.

Our desired outcome is to present and support a range of winning social innovators, inspire and encourage others be innovative and to put the UK at the forefront of social technology enterprise.

We have a dynamic selection of talented individuals and innovative projects involved in the program.