Business Networking Events


We host regular events which provide great opportunities to meet and collaborate with each other as well as present their ideas to our partners and supporters.

These Evenings? also give people from the world of business, finance, philanthropy and social enterprise the chance to interact with our Nexters and exchange new and innovative ideas in regards to giving.

Please see below for our most recent events:

 networking event

collaborated to co-host a fun networking evening  roofterrace in Shoreditch which proved to be a great success, with many contacts being made between investors.
The Virtual School and Speakset gave presentations showcasing their projects which was followed by networking, pizza and beer.  have written a fantastic blog on the evening which you can read here.


 Intellect host Cultural Innovation Workshop

On Wednesday 18th September Intellect co-hosted a cultural innovation workshop for leading technology companies in the sector to examine how they can collaborate together for cultural and business innovation. The evening  provided a platform  to share their entrepreneurial mind set with larger technical companies  and to forge ideas for future initiatives


Nesta host Funds and Grants Seminar

On the 24th September, Katie Mountain who works for the impact investment for Nesta, ran a seminar about the funds and grants which Nesta are offering social and innovative technology businesses.  The presentation covered Nestas approach and view of impact measurement and what makes a successful outcome, how to obtain Nesta investment as well as what opportunities are available to impact tech organisations. An interactive discussion followed the presentation and it was definitely an informative and worthwhile event.


 Seminar on Non Traditional Forms of Investment

On the 4th November we hosted a seminar providing information on non-traditional forms of investment. Patrick Day of Day Cooper Day, Darren Jordan of Kingston Smith and Fei Yang of DKLM law firm across a vast range of issues such as crowdfunding and pension leverage.


Seminar on Social Impact and Commercial Innovation

held an informative and interesting seminar on the 26th November on social impact and commercial innovation. Stevie Benton of Wikimedia spoke about Wikimedia?s mission to bring free educational content to the world. Simon Mitchell, Loren Nash and Helen Gunn of Accenture addressed the audience on their business collaborations and insights which can innovate new business and corporate social responsibility which was also highly interesting and informative


?Smart Ways to Educate? End of Year Event

held an end of year party at innovative tech space Bl_nk in Shoreditch on 3rdDecember. The event showcased three Ed Tech  and the audience was also addressed by Stevie Benton of Wikimedia and Simon Knight of the Open University. The community of supporting companies attended alongside those from media, investor and corporate backgrounds. Target Media tweeted ?Inspiring Talks Last Night. A great event with lots of learning to take away?.